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Senior Prosperitas

Each year students from Years 7 to 10 nominate to complete a self-select project. This culminates with a day of display and night of celebration as students and the community view the projects. Students once more demonstrated resilience and ingenuity as they displayed their novels, art, community service, technological brilliance, and science in action. They were ably assisted by mentor teachers such as Ms Lawason Cohen, Ms Lam, Ms Breen and Ms Pinto.

This program will run from Week 5, Term 1 until Week 1, Term 3 each year. The aim of this project is to allow students to move beyond the information and experiences that occur in a normal class. Each year, we have many gifted and talented students who are capable and able to move way beyond the classroom. This program aims to support their journey.

Previous year's entries have been outstanding, with students designing a program to teach Primary school students Egyptian Maths, writing a novel, creating movies, developing data bases, building a guitar, writing poetry and the list goes on.

What happens:

  • The project can be presented using any media in negotiation with their mentor teacher and this will be put on display during education week.
  • Many of the entries are also entered into other relevant competitions such the Young Writers' Awards and the History Teachers' competition.

At the Presentation Evening, students will be awarded for the completion of their project and students awarded the Bronze, Silver and Gold Prosperitas Awards.  

Examples of student work