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Child Studies

100 hour course (1 year)

This 1 year Child Studies course includes a study of Family, Pregnancy, Babies and Child Development.

The course investigates the way children are raised in the early years, focusing on both the challenges and how the raising of children is vital for effective growth and development. We explore the range of social, cultural, environmental and genetic factors that affect children. Students investigate real community resources available for parents, exploring how these resources benefit children and families.

Students experience practical components with the 'Virtual Babies' (that they take home), 'Infant Nutrition Investigations' (food practical), and interviews with real childcare workers to the school.

Definite Pros

  • This course lays important foundation for the senior study of Community and Family Studies, Sport Lifestyle and Recreation, and Exploring Early Childhood. It will also lead well into TAFE, community and workplace education.
  • Child studies teaches an understanding of many skills for parenthood. The skills taught would also benefit those students seeking future work in Child Care, or Teaching at Primary Schools.
  • Students learn the way the environment, the diet and the family can all affect the way a child will grow and develop, information that will be beneficial later in life.

Modules include:

  • Preparing for parenthood: conception to birth
  • Family interactions
  • Newborn care
  • Growth and development: food and nutrition

200 hour course (2 year)

The 200 hour course builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the 100 hour course.

This course focuses on the nature of how children learn. Specifically, the course looks at how children’s development and learning is a combination of the physical, social, emotional, personal, creative, spiritual, culture and language. As children engage with the world through the above ways, they learn important fundamental skills such as motor control and speech.

Students investigate resources available for teaching these skills to children both for parents at home and for Child Care Educators. The kinds of resources students will explore include preschool activities, analysing toys, apps, safety, and community facilities for children.

There are excursions to Day Care Centres, where students can observe the teaching skills and practice of the Child Care Educators, and participate in hands on experience. This course also offers students the chance to hear from relevant professionals, such as new parents and midwives and nurses.

Definite Pros

  • We aim to develop real-world applicable skills to create positive learning environments for children.
  • We aim to teach students in senior study to care for children in all areas of development but more specifically, for professional Child Care Careers and further education.

Modules include:

  • Growth and development
  • Play and the developing child
  • Health and Safety in childhood
  • Media technology in childhood
  • The diverse needs of children
  • Children and culture
  • Childcare services and career opportunities

CAREERS: Childcare Worker, Teaching Assistant, Childminder, Midwifery, Nursing, Social Worker.