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Agricultural Technology

Urban Farming in an Australian Context

100 hour course (1 year)

In Agricultural Technology you will develop a strong foundation in your understanding of plant and animal products; in the effective management of sustainable production; and innovative and responsible marketing practices.

The 100 hour course covers plant and animal enterprises and this fits in with Agriculture at QHHS, where we are continuing to build and develop our poultry enterprise that includes special projects where students work as a team to exhibit their chickens.

Definite Pros

  • Fresh produce to take home on a monthly basis or when crops are ready.
  • Farm to table cooking recipes.
  • Students learn many skills around plant and animal handling as well as care.
  • Students gain a variety of interpersonal skills including project management.

200 hour course (2 year)

The main focus for students doing the 200 hour course is urban as opposed to rural farming and this is built on the knowledge gained in the 100 hour course. This will include innovative market gardening, aquaculture, intensive broadacre farming, poultry and other livestock in a suburban context.

Aboriginal land management and traditional practices, the role of other cultural groups in developing agriculture in Australia, European land practices, global concerns and issues such as water and food security, soil health, and the health of our river systems will underpin the many practical experiences that can be offered to students of this subject.

Definite Pros

  • Free entry to the Royal Easter Show for competitions the students participate in, such as the laying hens and eggs comps, vegetable produce and boutique chicken comps.
  • Students experience a variety of hands-on practical experiences in plant and animal care focusing on sustainability for urban living.

CAREERS: Agriculture in Australia is expanding and changing – there are many new careers and areas of employment in this field that exist now or will exist in the future – this includes Food Technology, Science, Engineering, Social Sciences, Sociology, Economics, Law and many more – that dovetail in some way into Agriculture.