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Facilities and resources

21st century learning in TAS

The TAS faculty has state of the art technology, equipment and resources which includes:

  • A broad 2.5 acre agricultural plot which includes citrus grove, crop plantation, tractor and barn layer chicken system
  • A working permaculture kitchen garden in our TAS garden area
  • Two Industrial Technology woodwork rooms – fully equipped with industrial wood lathe, pedestal drill, table saw, drop saw, band saw, table router, disc sander, variety of hand tools.
  • Fully equipped Food Technology rooms with air conditioned kitchens
  • Fully equipped Textiles room with 30 sewing machines
  • Fully equipped Electronics room – circuit kits, aduino boards, soldering irons
  • Industrial Technology Metal Room – Centre lathe for metal work, Magnabender, Pedestal Drill, Bench
  • Shears, Industrial Oxy-acetylene gas welding kit, Industrial MIG welding kit
  • Three computer rooms with desktop computers
  • Class set of computer laptops
  • Two class sets of Lego Mindstorms
  • Technology Room – Green Screen, Laser Cutter, 3 x 3D Printers
  • Child Studies virtual babies for parenting
  • Video cameras, Apple iPads
  • The Barista Program – run and organised by TAS faculty staff
  • The Gardening Team – run and organised by TAS faculty staff