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Industrial Technology - Engineering Studies

Quakers Hill High School has fully equipped technology workshops and computer labs which enable us to specialise in engineering based projects and skills. These workshops contain a diverse range of tools, machinery and associated equipment which is designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of students as well as current industry trends and needs.

The course covers the design and construction of medium to high complexity engineering projects incorporating forces, mechanisms, structures, hydraulics, the study of motion, aesthetics etc.

Learning in Industrial Technology ‘Engineering’ will enable students to develop relevant technical, vocational and interpersonal competencies suitable for further training and future employment in manufacturing, maintenance, engineering and related industries.

It also provides skills and knowledge and experiences such as teamwork, communication, Workplace Health and safety etc.

100 hour course (1 year)

Definite Pros

  • Students gain a practical insight into engineering in a variety of industries. Series of engineering practical projects building on knowledge of concepts.

200 hour course (2 year)

Definite Pros

  • A wide variety of engaging and interesting projects building on the knowledge of engineering concepts.

CAREERS: Drafting and Design Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Systems Management, Automotive Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Auditor etc.