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Design and Technology

100 hour course (1 year)

Design and Technology is about using technological skills to collaborate, develop and express creative ideas. Our students in the 100 hour course will apply the design process to communicate and justify solutions to real world problems. The student projects are related to real-life contexts and this provides a rich setting for individuals and groups to investigate, explore, discover holistic solutions. This course is for students interested in design and furthering their skills in this area.

Definite Pros

  • Learning to manipulate a variety of materials, current technology including graphic design software.
  • Students design and make projects based on a real need within the school community.
  • Gaining a variety of skills in design, creation and project management.

200 hour course (2 year)

Building on the skills from the 100 hour course, the 200 hour aspect focuses on refining the designer in our students and enhancing their innovation through ongoing project management. This course allows students to have an understanding of past and future trends in design whilst creating meaningful projects in a thoughtful and sustainable way.

Definite Pros

  • Engaging students as designers for the future and enhancing their technological skills
  • Utilising many technologies and materials in a variety of contexts

CAREERS: Careers in design and innovation are wide and varied and exists in many industries. Some careers are: Graphic Designer, Product Designer, Interior Design, Architecture, Industrial Designer, Project Manager.