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Community and family studies

Commuity and family studies (CAFS) encompasses the nature of exploring current life issues that are important to all young people and of equal relevance to female and male students. Students will develop an understanding about society and living in society requires a comprehensive knowledge of its complex nature.

Students who want to develop their ability to manage resources and take action to support the needs of individuals, groups, families and communities in Australian society should select CAFS in Stage 6.

Learning CAFS

Community and family studies will develop skills to function in your everyday life, and develop the knowledge and management skills to effectively make decisions to solve problems in the community. These include individual and community based problems.

In cafs, we look at the basic concepts of resource management and individuals roles and responsibilities within groups. In the HSC course, you may study some of the following modules;

Students who are good at or enjoy extended writing general excel in cafs. In year 12, students are required to complete an independent research project. the Independent research project (IRP) requires students to apply appropriate research methodologies to a topic of their choice, to communicate ideas, debate issues, and justify opinions. This is a detailed and sizable project which requires time management and planning skills.