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Farm crew

After school farm crew 

Our farm crew is now available for students to participate on wednesday and friday afternoons. We have senior farm crew on tuesday afternoons.

Our farm crew students contribute significantly to the management of the school farm – checking the hens regularly, collecting eggs, cleaning coops, harvesting the oranges and mandarins from the orchard and watering the kitchen garden and harvesting the peas, rocket and radishes. Students have also been working on mulching and weeding at Yalabilinga and removing sticks and branches from the second paddock where two trees were recently removed.

There has also been time to spend getting to know the hens – each has its own personality – and checking on their general health. With the hot weather coming there will also be the job of hosing down the western wall of the bottom coop to reduce the heat inside and checking on the misters in each coop.

We start the afternoon with some delicious afternoon tea and next term there will always be chilled water available to students to help them cool down after a hot day.