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Human society and its environment

The human society and its environment faculty at Quakers Hill High School offer students a wide range of subjects that capture students' interest and challenge them to improve their understanding and appreciation of the geographical and commercial world in which they exist.

H.S.I.E at our school

Skills that students gain through study in the H.S.I.E Faculty help them equip themselves as independent learners and become active citizens. Successful students in Social Science enter vocations such as accountancy, law, environmental studies, business management, town planning and marketing.

Our teaching staff are very experienced and offer a range of learning opportunities for students with different learning needs and styles.

Students also are provided with the opportunity to experience a range of fieldwork activities, as well as State and National competitions to supplement the learning that occurs in the classroom.

The revised National curriculum syllabus for both history and geography provides an opportunity for students to engage in an investigation of Australia’s neighbours, incorporating the study of indigenous peoples of the world and the ancient world. At Quakers Hill High School, we aim to expose students to a wide variety of cultures and a range of perspectives, in order to increase their understanding of the contribution of past and present people to our shared heritage.

In addition to mandatory history and geography, Year 9 and 10 students are provided with the opportunity to further pursue their interests through the options of history elective, geography elective, commerce and International studies.  

Our courses for stage 6 are Aboriginal studies, business studies, economics, geography, ancient and modern history, legal studies, society and culture, studies of religion and work education.