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Mathematics competitions

Students have the opportunity to participate in mathematics competitions.

Australian Mathematics Competition 

This competition has been running since 1978 and is very prestigious. It is open to secondary students throughout Australia and countries such as Fiji and New Guinea. It is now the largest competition of its kind in the world with more than 15 million entries since it started.

The competition is designed for all students, not just those who are confident in Mathematics. It provides valuable experience for all students in sitting external examinations and it gives feedback as to students' strengths and weaknesses.

Each student receives a Certificate of Participation or has the chance of receiving a Certificate of Distinction (top 15%) or a Certificate of Credit (top 50%). A personalised report will be provided for each student.

The awards from this competition are held in high regard by employers and are an asset to students seeking employment. All certificates can be included in a student's CV. Money prizes are available to the top achievers.

The entry fee is $6.50 per student. This fee must be paid to the front office.

The competition is held in August.