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Industrial Technology - Electronics

100 hour course (1 year)

This exciting one year electronics course allows students to learn the basics of electrical circuits and their components. The theory lessons will work cohesively with practical lessons so that students understand how each project works. This course consists of numerous projects that require a vast amount of electrical components.

Definite Pros

  • Working safely with basic electronics concepts and equipment.
  • An insight into the science of the power industry and importance of electricity.

200 hour course (2 year)

The Electronics 200 hour course is an excellent unit that continues to build upon student knowledge from the previous year. This 2-year course improves student ability to solder electrical components to circuit boards to create a number electrical circuits each with a different purpose. Students will start small constructing basic circuits, and then move on to bigger projects such as bicycle lights and more. This course provides a foundation of knowledge and skills that students can then use when pursuing careers once they finish school.

Definite Pros

  • Students engage in many interesting and challenging electronics projects in building and designing circuits.

CAREERS: Electrician, Electrical Engineering.