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In TAS we have identified ourselves as an “Urban Living and Design Community" and we have a vision for our Quakers Hill Community. This vision is:

 “To create an innovative design space within our school community where students can explore, innovate, create, design and produce quality work that they can be proud of.  Students in TAS are future focused, learn a variety of valuable skills, learn to be flexible, open minded, open to risk, are able to experience a clear link into industry and authentically interact with the wider community with their products and designs in a safe, caring learning environment led by skilled teachers”.

As a faculty, we envisage our students gaining a plethora of skills which will enhance their journey of learning towards senior studies and beyond. In TAS they will be taught skills and knowledge that exist in a wide variety of industries which can only benefit their future directions in an increasingly competitive job market.

Our highly skilled and specialised team of teachers with industry experience come from a design philosophy of bettering and enhancing our community with the goal of engaging each of our students in creativity, innovation and production. Our courses are practical by nature and our students experience hands-on learning in a multi-skilled and multi-faceted project based environment.

In Stage 4, students will undergo exciting new Technology Mandatory programs as part of the new syllabus, which enhances their learning in the four context areas of:

  • Digital Technologies
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Engineered Systems
  • Materials Technology

Students further extend their learning of the Design Process in Stage 4 with our Elective Subjects in Stage 5The Elective subjects we are offering in both 100 and 200 hour courses are:

  • Agriculture – Urban Farming in an Australian Context
  • Design and Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Child Studies
  • Fashion (Textiles)
  • Information Software Technology
  • Industrial Technology – Timber
  • Industrial Technology – Metal
  • Industrial Technology – Electronics
  • Industrial Technology – Engineering Studies

These subjects all have their own unique perspective and specialty in rapidly growing and thriving industries in Australia and globally. Students in our area will be savvy, knowledgeable and skilful consumers and designers of the future.

With our courses on offer, as a general rule our 100 hour courses are 1 year and provide a great overview and context of the subject area with some practical experiences. The 200 hour courses are 2 years, which continues to build on the skillset of our individuals for specialised learning as well as several practical experiences.